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Tournament: Set the number of drivers in total and per heat and let Arc work out the rest. Each driver will race all the other contestants in turn. Grand Prix: Race to the top of the podium! Avoid incidents, plan your fuel, strategy and tyre wear. My Garage mode: List your slot car collection and add favourites for quick and easy race selection. Log all of your Scalextric track pieces and accessories to see available layout options and save track designs through names and photographs.

Race settings Jump start: Set a jump start penalty should a driver jump the lights. Top speed: Records the fastest speed across the start line. Fuel load: When car runs out of fuel pit stops will be required — miss the pits and risk disqualification. Scalextric C Gulf Racing Set. Scalextric C Lamborghini Rampage Set. Sponsored Listings. Make an Offer. Scalectric track and counter. Make Offer - Scalectric track and counter. Scaletric track counter. Scalextric slot car set.

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All Listings. Best Offer. Buy It Now. Classified Ads. Scale see all. Not Specified. But the price is justified since it provides awesome quality and long- lasting enjoyment!

10 Best Slot Car Set Products of 12222

That is why it is halfway our best slot car set review! DMXSLOTS is not only a great starter kit, but you can also buy a lot of accessories and train harder, become better and faster at slot cars if you want to go further than just playing an occasional game!

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  8. It is a revolutionary and exciting new concept for slot racing. With DMX slots, motor racing drivers can pass, intercept and block their competitors at anytime and anywhere on the track. Old-fashioned slot cars are limited to one pin and one slot.

    8 Best Slot Car Sets For Your Kids

    Lane-change tracks can only occur in certain sections of the route. These technical restrictions have prevented the development of slot car racing for ages. The new and exciting DMX uses a unique patented rotating pin technology that allows the car to change lane at any point on the track. This exciting new generation of slot cars combines speed and strategy, as well as real-world professionalism. The exclusive package includes: 4 different colored cars, 4 remote controls, 18 foot track — 12 straight tracks and 12 curves.

    If you buy it, no doubt, you are going to have oodles of fun!

    Top 11 Best Slot Car Sets For Kids in Reviews — THE10PRO

    The previous slot car set I bought really let me down me because they kept on breaking, especially the toys. Oh boy, it was truly amazing, the car would always crash but never break. Furthermore, this is the best slot car set for a beginner in racing. The cars are big enough, and they do not go off track whenever you are in a race. My little children have been using it for more than a couple of years, and it is yet to break! I have never seen such a fascinating glow in the dark slot car set. The LED tracks really make it easy for you to use it when the room is dark.

    The remote controls work perfectly, and it would be advisable for anyone who prefers this type of top-rated slot car set to buy rechargeable batteries since they are cheaper. This is the best gift you can give to a 6-year-old kid. Besides, the cars can move fast—that is miles per hour. Having set this slot car up for my children, I noticed that my children are not being able to handle it properly when using it.

    They would race the cars at high speed, which would make the cars fly off the track because they are just amateurs and still learning. Once I noticed this, I taught them how to use it. Now, my two children can drive the cars fast, and able to prevent them from getting off track from the curves. The set is large enough and has a good lap counter.

    This track has 3 power settings — beginner, intermediate, and expert. At the beginner level, you can floor it all the way around the track and it can be played with by my 3-year-old grandson. If you want a race track that makes it impossible to just fly off the track, then this will still work — just keep to the beginner mode! You can still knock each other off at 2 places where the tracks cross each other, and one where they get closer to each other — this calls for a little bit of strategy so that you can carry on playing with any hassle.

    Slot cars have been part of the family entertainment for several generations. While the technology has made many changes over the years, there is one thing that has never changed. The two well-known grooves that roll-up the entire length of the track. There have been a number of changes in the areas of track material. As well as track alignment and even automotive engineering. All the changes that have taken place over the years have created a large number of options for slot car enthusiasts to choose from.

    We have listed a number of very important things to consider in the best slot car set.

    Micro Scalextric Set

    There are currently four main track systems on which most slot car sets are based. Each of the four has its own positives and negatives that you need to consider. Scalextric Sports Track gives you a wide range of options. It has become the de-facto market standard. Carrera — The Carrera Style Track is of a quality similar to that of the track which is made of plastic. The track adjustment is very narrow and requires a little effort to bring them together.

    10 Best Slot Car Set Picks

    There are also plastic clips that hold the rail in place. The increased flexibility of the rail makes it more resistant to frequent assembly and disassembly. The two rail types are completely incompatible and cannot be connected to each other. There has been significant progress in the design and operation of the cars found in the slot car set. The cars you choose must be extremely fast, easy to handle on the road and easy to control.

    You would also like to choose cars that do not require a lot of maintenance to function properly. To get the best slot car set for your children, you need to pay attention to the following.